My Favorite Photographs

After every session I shoot, I always end up with a handful of favorite images.  These images, however, are not the ones I planned for.  They are not the photographs where everyone is looking at me, and we captured everyone with their eyes open and on their best side.  Rather, they are the images that I was able to shoot in the in-between moments.  As long as I don't put my camera down, I am lucky enough to capture your families in their most raw, intimate moments.  It usually happens when you don't even know I'm still photographing.  They are my favorite images because they display the beauty of family in the behind-the-scenes moments.  They are real smiles, moments of deep thought, opportunities for comfort, attempts at cooperation, childhood wonder, rich belly laughs, and relational interactions.  Here are a few of my favorite photographs of my incredible families.  Thank you to all my amazing clients for choosing me as their Newborn and Family Photographer!