Strength in Numbers

Each session I have with a family tells a story. I may have just met you, and I may not have many of the details, but the themes of your story are written clearly in the connections and interactions that play out in front of my camera. Sometimes it’s the story of strength and unity that overcame great struggle. Sometimes it’s the story of overwhelming peace and joy in a life that’s rich in love. This family tells a story of strength in numbers (somewhat obvious I know), rooted in the bond of two parents and the intentionality of a good father. The McCowns operate in beautiful devotion and service to one another. The children recognize their interdependence, seek adventure with confidence, and genuinely enjoy life together. All six of them are drawn to their parents with such love and respect, and the connection they share is inspiring! You can’t look at these images and not fall completely in love with this party of 8.