What is documentary photography and what's there to love?

My husband and I have this thing we do at night. No, no, I promise I’m not going into that kind of talk. After the day is over, when we finally crawl into bed, we both begin to share the funny moments we experienced during the day with our kids. I’ll tell him about how our daughter yelled, “no time to lose!” while putting on her shoes, and he will laugh and mention watching our youngest attempt to raise her eyebrows. One night, after showing him some images I took of our children that day, he laughed and said, “Oh, we are totally pulling this out at her wedding!” THIS is why I love documentary photography.

We can get all dressed up in the trendiest clothes and put on some semi-authentic smiles for a family portrait, and I’ll tell you what, my kids will never care about those pictures. The photographs my kids are going to treasure, the ones they will put on a slideshow for their rehearsal dinner (if that’s still a thing), and show their kids, and laugh about in years to come, are photographs that are taken during real moments of life and play. They will love photographs that capture what their childhood was like and why their family is special. It is a gift that I want to give my children, and it is a gift I would love to give to yours.

I care so much about it, that I don’t just do it on my own. I have had the award-winning, incredibly rad Kathryn of Kathryn Krueger Photography photograph my family, as well as Angela, the light wizard of Angela Doran Photography photograph my family. The images I have taken, and the images I have received from these talented artists, tell a beautiful story of my family and help us remember the things we love the most about who we are.

So next time you need family portraits, consider a documentary session. Do something different. Invest in something meaningful. Have I convinced you?

Here are a few shots that will help me remember. They tell the story of their bond, their character, their habits, their humor, and their personalities.