At home with the Broeks

Anna reached out to me, wanting to do an in-home family session with their new little man, Keppel. Anna and Ted had been living and working overseas when Keppel was born, and they recently moved back to Austin. They built one of those insanely cool homes from a shipping container on the eastside, and it absolutely fits them. But more than a cool place, they have made a home that is welcoming, warm, and full of peace. I had so much fun hanging out with them that weekend and watching them be a family in their own space.

In-home sessions are my favorite. You have a beautiful story to tell, and inviting me into your home allows me to experience more of that story. Children, especially, open up in their own home allowing me to take more naturally authentic photographs with very little effort. Email me if you need more convincing that this might be the session for you! ;)