Brown Family Session

My schedule in the Fall is full of Mini Sessions! Mini Sessions are short and sweet, and perfect for families with little kids with short attention spans who just want a handful of photographs. But Full Family Sessions are special. A full family session allows me to spend more time with a family; to explore and create more space for natural interactions. I enjoy the extra time I get with these families, and I am always blessed by the beauty I see in their relationships with each other. The Brown Family was no exception! They were fun, easy, and relaxed. The kids engaged with me, and with each other, in ways that showed character and kindness. Even Boomer behaved ;) Thank you Browns for trusting me to photograph your family and sharing these moments with me!

Baby Grace's Sneak Peek!

I first met the Prud’hommes last fall when they booked a mini session with me. Their son Easton was fun and energetic! Well, other than adding a daughter to the mix, not much has changed. Easton still moves around rapidly and has lots to do! His parents are fun and engaged, seemingly not missing a beat in all the newness of this season of life. Baby Grace is the sweetest addition, and it was an honor to photograph her in her home during the first weeks of her life. Congratulations you guys! Easton has given his two thumbs up, and I agree with him…your family is marvelous.

Austin, Texas

Baby Jimmy's Sneak Peek!

I love the challenge of a Newborn Session with an older sibling under 2! Mostly, because it’s not a challenge as much as it is good fast-paced fun! It’s a moment when the attention is as much on the toddler as it is on the new baby. The session beats to the sibling’s drum, and I take cues from their interests and their need to move, play, and explore. We keep it playful and casual, and we take our time. This big brother never stopped moving! His Dad did an incredible job keeping him happy and entertained, and his mom did a wonderful job staying relaxed and welcoming the beautiful chaos! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek from baby Jimmy’s Newborn Session.

Austin, Texas

A Baby Story

Baby Story Packages can document your pregnancy, birth, and throughout the first year of your baby’s life! It’s a wonderful way to capture your child’s bigger story.

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