I have an addiction to fresh starts.  Since college, Dan and I have moved to a new city every two years, and often moved to a new house each year.  Many of the moves have been difficult and accompanied by tears and sorrow, but each move also brought its own measure of hope and the promise of something new.  In the transitions, there is a beautiful opportunity to evaluate the life I'm leaving behind and to dream into the life I'm about to take on.  It's a moment in time to set, or reset, my intention. 

This is why I love New Years!  During the time between Christmas and the New Year, I take time to slow down, to be still before God, and to evaluate the life of the past year and to dream into the life of the new year.  It's a time of reflection that ushers me into the presence of my God, who is ever faithful to heal and to restore, to convict and to empower, to prune and to bring life.  Every year I see how His hands have carried me.  Every year I see how His promises have not been thwarted.  Every year I see how His plans have been for my good.  And then I dream with Him for what's to come.  

I've done this over the years in different ways, but this year my friend Liz Griffin wrote a guide for reflection that I chose to work through.  I highly recommend you take time, slow down, sit with God.  Set your intention.