There is a current trend in society that bends toward minimalism, slowing down, decluttering, living more simply.  I can't go anywhere with my 4 kids without some stranger making sure I know that I have my hands full, and it goes by way too fast.  I know.  Believe me, I know.  This is my draw towards documentary photography.  Sure, everyone has a cell phone with a fairly rad camera always in arm's reach.  We have thousands of photos on our phone of our kids, but most of these are photos that will stay on our phones until we run out of storage and have to move them elsewhere, and almost none of these photos capture our whole family (especially me, mom).  

I want to remember the moments my husband and I shared with our kids.  Every family has their special day-to-day, month-to-month norms and traditions that are special in different ways.  Maybe you homeschool, or you have a weekly family night.  Maybe you spend a LOT of time with your little ones at the library, or outdoors digging in the dirt.  Maybe you wake up every Saturday and make a BIG breakfast together.  Sometimes, the moments you want to best remember, the cutest, most precious moments, are even more simple- like baths and bedtime, or watching your toddler try to dress himself.  

I just did a documentary session for some friends of mine that is now up on the blog!  We planned some "normal" activities and I just followed alongside.  It's beautiful to see the simple, intimate moments frozen in time.  

This Spring/Summer, I'll be offering some special promotional documentary sessions to capture these moments!  So as Mother's Day and Father's Day approaches, slip some hints to your special someone that this might be the perfect gift! Capture your family's best times together.  You won't regret it.